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What is my Contingent ID?

Your Contingent ID is the same as the last three digits of your online registration number. This ID also appears on your address labels when each Bulletin is mailed out, and should be used for all correspondence with the Contingent.
The Australian Contingent was asked to issue a three digit number to all members of the Contingent. To avoid any confusion by using a separate number altogether, we decided to use the last digits generated by the online database.

How do I access my flight itinerary?

Your flight itinerary is located on the online registration system where your original application was submitted.
There are links to the online registration system elsewhere on this website. Alternatively you can use the following link: 

When are Branch Interviews being held?

The Branch Interview is a group session detailing the expectations of travelling overseas with Scouts. It is an important part of our preparations that all Contingent members understand their responsibilities as an ambassador of Scouts Australia.
The Branch Interviews are being organised independently of the Australian Contingent.
The sessions that the Australian Contingent are aware of are listed below:
11AM 8 Nov = Bundilla Scout Camp, Baden Powell Place, Winston Hills
2PM 9 Nov = Ourimbah Scout Hall, 6 Ourimbah Creek Road, Ourimbah
4:00PM 30 Nov = North Wollongong Scout Hall, Cnr Virigina St and Hanley Dr, North Wollongong
7:30PM 2 Dec = St Ives Scout Hall, Hunter Street, St Ives
7:30PM 4 Dec = South Metropolitan Region Office, 1 Carrington Ave, Hurstville
7 Feb 2015 = South Australia Branch HQ
Please contact your Branch International Commissioner for further details.

Do Venturers participate at the World Scout Jamboree or help run the activities?

You will be pleased to know that a World Scout Jamboree is actually for Venturers to participate! Unlike at Australian events, a World Scout Jamboree is specifically for Venturers aged 14 to 17. Only Scouts over the age of 14 are eligible to join with the Venturers to participate in this once in a lifetime experience.
All activity staff must be over the age of 18 and form part of the IST (International Service Team).
Scouts that will be under the age of 14 will be eligible to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree in North America in 2019.

When are passport details required?

The Contingent understands that many members may not currently have a valid passport. Jamboree applications can still be submitted without passport details. Passport details will be required in late 2014 and will be discussed in Contingent Bulletins released in 2014.

What security arrangements will be in place for passports and other valuables over in Japan?

The Contingent will collect all passports on arrival in Japan and arrange for their secure storage until our day of departure. The Contingent will not be accepting any responsibility for other valuables during our travel. It is recommended that all electronic devices and other valuables be left at home.

What is the recommendation for mobile phones in Japan?

Mobile phones are NOT encouraged to be taken to Japan. No responsibility will be accepted by the Contingent for their safety. Recharging facilities will be very limited and calls to Australia are very expensive at approximately $4 per minute (or more) and data usage from at least $3 per MB depending on your provider.
As an alternative, the Contingent will be operating an online blog during our travels to report on the latest news and activities. Past experience has shown that this is a far more effective method of keeping parents informed of the Jamboree experience until their children return to Australia. Some limited internet kiosks are expected to be available for participants to use at the Jamboree site and at other venues on our tour.

What banking facilities will be available?

The Contingent will be offering our own pocket money account at a set exchange rate. Participants may deposit into the Contingent account and cash will be made available in small amounts throughout our entire journey in Japan. Surplus amounts will be refunded to participants on our return to Australia. More details will be available in future Contingent Bulletins.

What does the abbreviation IST stand for?

IST is an acronym for International Service Team. The IST are the equivalent of Service Leaders at an Australian Jamboree.

What types of roles can IST be expected to do during the Jamboree?

IST help out in a wide variety of roles with many helping to deliver the Jamboree program for our participants. A brief summary of major roles is listed below. These descriptions will be updated with more detail as we get closer to the event.
Activities - Service leaders assigned to run various onsite and offsite activities

Administration - Typically staff working in sub camp offices and helping to manage communication to/from Troops (including mail, etc)
Entertainment - Service leaders rostered at the main arena or on sub camp spare time activities
Food Management - May include working in the supermarkets or food stalls across the Jamboree, or helping to prepare and serve food in the IST dining hall
Guest Services - Service leaders running walking tours for visitors and staffing information booths and translation services for participants
Health and Welfare - Staff working in sub camp first aid posts, the Jamboree medical centre or mobile welfare support
Media and Communications - Includes working on the Jamboree newspaper and radio station, as well as producing articles for mainstream media outlets
Sites and Services - Service leaders working on security or maintaining vital infrastructure on site including water and waste, gas supplies, etc
Other - Adults that have no specific preference from the above and are happy to accept any role (listed or otherwise) that may be offered by the Jamboree Organising Committee

All adult applications will have the opportunity to change their role preferences until closer to the event. The final date for changes will be communication to all contingent members in our Contingent Bulletins.


When are Contingent Bulletins expected to be published?

There are 5 Contingent Bulletins expected to be published in May 2014, August 2014, November 2014, March 2015 and June 2015. These bulletins will include the latest details about preparations for the Contingent, payment reminders for further installments, and other useful information about our travel to Japan.

Is there a role for Rovers at the World Scout Jamboree?

Rovers may apply to join the contingent as a Line Leader (if they have completed adult leader training) or as a member of the International Service Team (IST).
If accepted by the Contingent as IST, Rovers will then be assigned a role by the Japanese Host Organisers. IST roles at the Jamboree include working on Activities, Food Management, Media and Communications, Sites and Services, and many more. Rovers can nominate their preferred roles in the online application system, however no guarantees can be made as to your final job description. Role allocations may not be known until arriving onsite at the Jamboree.
Rovers have the option of joining the Contingent for the entire event or applying for Independent Travel. If approved for Independent Travel, individuals will be responsible for their own flights to and from Japan. These applicants will be advised of when and where they will be required to meet the Contingent in Japan before the Jamboree and the time and location when they will be allowed to depart the Contingent.
Is Independent Travel available for Youth Participants?
Independent Travel must be approved by the Contingent Leader and is not normally available for Youth Participants. All Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Line Leaders joining the Contingent are expected to travel together for the entire duration of the event. This includes all travel from their nearest Capital City to Japan and return.
Why is submitting an application not a guaranteed of attending the World Scout Jamboree?
All applications to attend the World Scout Jamboree are reviewed by the Contingent before being accepted. Eligibility criteria must be validated and payments must be received in full prior to our departure from Australia. Each Branch will also arrange informal interviews to confirm the ability of applicants to complete the entire planned itinerary.
Adults that apply are also subject to strict ratios. The more youth members apply, the more adult members can attend. Australian Contingents normally receive a very large number of adult applications. The Australian Contingent will endeavour to accept as many applicants as possible, however any selection process that is needed will be used to identify those candidates that best meet the needs of the Contingent.
4 line leaders will be appointed to each Troop. These leaders should preferably have current or recent experience in the Scout or Venturer Scout sections. Previous Jamboree experience is also an advantage. Both male and female leaders will be appointed to each Troop. At least two young leaders will be selected for each Troop.

What level of physical fitness is required to attend the Jamboree?
The site of the World Scout Jamboree is a very large area and all participants and adult leaders will be required to move around the site on foot. It is suggested that all Contingent members have a high level of physical fitness that will allow them to walk about 10-15 kilometers per day comfortably and without exhaustion. Contingent members that have a concern about their health should consult their doctor to determine an appropriate health plan to enable them to safely enjoy the Jamboree experience. The Contingent Leader is also available to discuss individual concerns if more information is required on activities and other arrangements at the Jamboree.


Will paper application forms be available?
The Contingent has decided to use online registrations for the Japan World Scout Jamboree and NO paper forms will be available. This is identical to the system used for Australian Jamborees. Online registrations are now open and will close on 31 March 2014.


Who should sign the recommendation on the application forms?
All applicants to join the Australian Contingent must be recommended as suitable to attend by their Group Leader, Local Commissioner, and their Branch. Your completed form should be given first to your Section Leader or Group Leader who will then pass the form to the required people before being sent to the Contingent mailing address.


Why have I not received confirmation that my application has been received?

It can sometimes take several weeks from the time you complete your application until the Contingent receives the signed form. Sometimes collecting the recommendations and receiving Branch endorsement will take longer than anticipated. As soon as the applications reach the Contingent, a confirmation letter will be issued. We apologise for any delay, but do hope that you support our efforts in confirming everyone's eligibility.



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