Contingent to WSJ2015

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Contingent Team




Contingent Leader                                                                AARON WARDLE NSW
Large aaron wardle  
Aaron is currently the Region Commissioner (Venturer Scouts) in Greater Western Sydney and National Project Commissioner for Youth Leadership Programs.
Aaron was awarded the Silver Wattle in 2014, has completed the Queen’s Scout and Baden-Powell Scout Awards, as well as Wood Badges in Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Leader of Adults.
He has previously attended over twenty Jamborees in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Germany in various roles including IST, Troop Leader and Jamboree Organising Committee.

Deputy Contingent Leader                                                  SHANE TROYAHN QLD
Shane is an Assistant Group Leader in Brisbane and has previously attended Jamborees in Australia, UK, Ireland and Sweden.

Shane was on the Jamboree Planning Team for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in the role of Sub Camp Leader and has great experience working with international events.

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Assistant Contingent Leader                                                  NICK BENNETT NSW
Large nick at kinkakuji  

Nick is now an Assistant Scout Leader in Sydney North having completed both the Queen's Scout and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards in 2014.

Nick has attended Jamborees in Australia and Sweden and has considerable experience in Japan on a range of exchange programs.

Nick was a member of the National Youth Council and has also completed the Mawson Scholarship in Leadership.

International Commissioner of Australia                         NEVILLE TOMKINS ACT
Neville is from the ACT and attended the last World Scout Jamboree in his current role of International Commissioner.
Neville’s vast experience in management roles within Scouts Australia provides valuable guidance to the rest of the Contingent Team.

Normal neville tompkins

Finance Officer                                                                          NICOLA CAPON SA
Normal nicola capon  
Nicola is a Group Leader and Venturer Scout Leader from SA and was a Troop Leader at the last World Scout Jamboree.
Nicola completed her Queen’s Scout Award as a Venturer Scout, was a Rover and Cub Scout Leader. She has Wood Badges in Venturer Scouts and Leader of Adults and was awarded the Silver Wattle in 2009. She has been a leader for 25 years.
Nicola has previously attended over a dozen Jamborees and Ventures in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Sweden in various roles including Troop and Line Leader, Activity Manager and in Contingent Teams.
Health and Welfare Officer                                 DR JUSTINE DOUTHWAITE NSW

Justine is a Medical Practitioner with NSW Health and works in emergency medicine. She is also a Registered Nurse, mother of two girls (both Scouts), and a Scout Leader in Sydney North Region. She also assisted in the medical team at AJ2013 in Maryborough.

Justine works in expedition medicine and participates in ultra-distance endurance sports, both of which she believes will come in handy in Japan! Mainly though, she is looking forward to making sure we are all healthy, safe and happy whilst enjoying our great Japanese adventure.

 Normal dr justine douthwaite

Travel Coordinator                                                                  RICCI BURGESS NSW
Normal ricci burgess

Ricci is a Cub Scout Leader and a previous member of the Victorian International Team. She completed her Bachelor of Education with Victoria University and has been on exchange to Timor Leste. There she took the chance to spend some time with a local Scout group and see the great work the Dollars for Dili Project is achieving.

Ricci is a keen traveller and has visited Cub Scout Packs in the UK, Europe and NZ and is looking forward to her first World Scout Jamboree!

IST Contact Person                                                                       HARRY LONG SA


Harry is now the Chief Commissioner for South Australia and is a member of the National Training Committee for Scouts Australia. He has also served his Branch as International Commissioner.
Harry is an Eagle Scout (Queen's Scout equivalent) in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), as are his two sons, Sam and Chris. His volunteer work in training for Scouts Australia sees him travel to all parts of Australia as well as his own state of South Australia. Harry also serves as a Commissioner for the BSA.
Harry has attended a number of international Jamborees and conferences and was a member of the International Services Team for the last World Scout Jamboree in Sweden.

 Normal harry long




Japanese Liaison                                                              WENDY SHEPPARD NSW


Large wendy

Wendy is an Assistant Venturer Scout Leader in Greater Western Sydney. Wendy is also a Japanese Teacher and frequently travels to Japan in support of the student exchange program.

Wendy will be working with the Australian Contingent to support all aspects of our journey with important Japanese translations. Wendy will also be helping to coordinate our pre-Jamboree camp logistics and other essential tasks throughout our time in Japan.

Wendy has attended previous Australian Jamborees and Ventures and is looking forward to joining with everyone in Japan later this year.